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    Parsing Spell for NPCs


    I was wondering if there is any way to parse spells in FG for NPCs. Make me be more clear with an example.

    If I follow the parse for spellcasting, I get all spells listed in the trait. For example, let's say I have parsed "Blade Ward" and "Stoneskin", I get both.

    When I place the NPC in the CT, spells are added. Blade Ward has the wanted effect of weapon resistance but Stoneskin does not. So if I try to link these two spells in a character sheet Blade Ward has an effect while Stoneskin does not.

    If I try to create a new spell let's call it "test" with the same parse and effect of Blade Ward, this does not add any effect in the CT.

    What am I doing wrong?
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    I assume you are asking about D&D 5e? Its best to ask ruleset specific question in the correct sub-forum.

    In general, FG only parses specific spells into NPC actions. Though it tries to parse most, it doesn't always get them right, as you noticed. When creating custom spells, try to keep the wording the same/similar to ones that work and you will have the best chance of getting them to work as desired. Also be aware, some spells are 'hard coded' off the name of the spell, so the name has to be exact, and it doesn't matter what the spell text says, it will be parsed the same way regardless.

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    Whilst the internal parser is used to create effects for some spells; others are 'hard coded' into the ruleset. I believe that Blade Ward is one of the latter and so the effect will only appear if the spell is called Blade Ward. So by changing the name the ruleset can no longer find the relevant effects.
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    Thanks a lot to both of you.

    Then I need to play with the 5e ruleset and make an extension...I see I have to learn how to play with them...Lord save us!!

    P.S. I thought I was in 5e LordEntrails
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