FG License: Free, though I do not mind paying.
Time Zone: GMT+1
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: A weekly game, anytime from 8pm GMT+1 Saturday to 5pm GMT+1 Sunday
Term: Prefer Long-Term, but anything shorter will work too.
Voice: Yes, in all regards.

Game System Preferred: Only know how to play D&D 5e.
Game System Experience: Nearly 2 years in D&D 5e.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I have never used Fantasy Grounds before, and have only watched online guide videos.

Character Type Preferred: I never really got to try any basic class to the full extent, so just a simple basic character is fine for me, and then just have fun with the roleplay.
About me: I'm 23, male, and prefer more roleplay and light-hearted adventure stuff, with a clear joint goal for the characters. Do not like players backstabbing each other and such.