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    Issues with Dynamic Lighting in the SFRPG ruleset

    Two issues I have found when testing Dynamic Lighting in the SFRPG ruleset.
    • Characters (PC or NPC) with darkvision in their senses that get added to the CT don't get an effect added to them. The Lighting features reads out the senses section of a character sheet and the effects of that character to create the token vision for the corresponding token. Here are the issues that causes in my opinion:
      • You aren't as flexible if you want to change something up in combat. You have to go eigther into the character sheet and edit the senses section (which you'd have to remember to change back at a later point) or you can go into the lighting menu of the Map you're currently on and edit each token vision but if you do that the lighting system will use every chance it get's to read out the senses section again and apply the special vision again.
      • In my opinion it should go something like this: Dropping a sheet to the CT reads the senses of that character and applies the corresponding effect. Then, when dropping a actor from the CT on a map, it should read out only the effects of that actor and apply them to token vision. This grants you much more freedom in handling this and you are able to change things easily on the fly just through the effects on the combat tracker, without editing any important information you don't want to edit or going through multiple sub-menus.
    • When adding a light effect to an actor on the CT (let's say a spell that makes you glow [LIGHT: 20 light]) the map lighting updates only for the GM side but not for the players. Re-dropping the players token onto the map fixes that issue, but it also resets fog of war for that token (like it should), so it's really just a workaround if anything.
      I don't think I need to explain further why this is an inconvinience.

    Ruleset(s): SFRPG (works the same in 5E from what I was able to tell, from my testing)

    New Campaign / FGC Migrated Campaign: New FGU Campaign

    Extensions/Themes: None

    Modules Loaded: Core Rulebook

    Operating System / Language Setting: Windows 10 / English

    Steps to Reproduce:
    Create a new campaign.
    Load CRB
    Create a new PC (make sure to choose a race with darkvision/blindsight, or add that afterwards)
    Drop PC onto CT and a Map with Dynamic Lighting active (and preferably a completly dark area to get best results)
    Notice that VISION: 60 darkvision (or whichever else) doesn't get added as an effect.
    Try to modify PCs vision with the token vision or PC sheet instead.
    Connect to campaign as a player on a second client.
    Take ownership of the PC and open the map on the player side.
    Add the "Spell - Light" preset effect to the PC and compare the tokens vision on GM and player side.
    Re-drop the token onto the map.
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    1. For now, the system will continue to work as implemented; where Senses are read independently of the Effects. If you need to toggle regularly, probably better to take out of Senses; and just make an effect instead.

    2. We just released a new version (v4.1.2) that addresses several items, including light additions not showing up on player clients consistently.


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    Yup the update fixed the second issue. What a timing on that one xD
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    Discord: @evolivolution
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