Hi Folks,

Been very busy last week, I'm changing jobs over here, and you wouldn't believe the paperwork required for some, needless to say I have all the paperwork in place and security and all that.

Then we moved rooms in the house as my eldest decided she wanted the bigger room with more privacy, so I was without a PC for 3 days (I had the shakes! - though I got Mass Effect on my Xbox Series X all running).

Then on reboot Windows decided it didn't like one of the drivers (why, it's on an M2 Solid State Drive), so had to 'restore', meaning I lost my access to upload anything, so got a queue, oh and v1.2.3 is 90% done now, completing it this week. I keep all my main files on a local NAS so lost nothing except how long it takes to reinstall Word/Office/FGC/FGU/NotePad++/NetBeans/Visual Studio Code/Photoshop/InDesign/Illustrator and the multitude of other apps required, oh and Elder Scrolls Online.

Anyway done all that, waiting to get my Source Code access resolved then I'll be pushing the ruleset and another book, yes Aliens 2 is ready.