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Thread: Map problem

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    Map problem

    I think the map for Death House might have some issues.
    The players' fog of war doesn't seem to be working. When they leave a room, they don't see the map where they have been before. They can only see what is in their immediate LoS (and lighting).
    Also, I can't drag tokens through the walls, to put them on a new level. The tokens can only be dragged through open doors. I had to delete the tokens and then drag them onto the new level of the map one by one. (If I dragged all the friendly tokens onto the map as a group, some of them would end up outside the house, and there was no way to get it onto the second level without deleting and dragging).

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    You'll most likley have to zip up your campaign folder and submit it here so the devs can look. Make sure you have read the patch notes since moving tokens by the DM has changed. The fog of war is still there as a lighter gray compared to the blackness of where they haven't been.
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    In this thread were also errors @DeathHouse reported.
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    Sorry about the multiple posts. I thought I was being helpful--I just need to pay more attention.

    Thank you for the heads up about the token movement thing.

    Here is my campaign. I would not be surprised to find out that it was "user error", but whatever you can tell me would be useful. Thank you!
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    Hmm, I just loaded up the campaign; and I'm not seeing that here.

    * On GM client, I loaded the "Curse of Strahd" campaign you provided.
    * On GM client, I opened Character Selection, right clicked on Solomon, and cleared owner.
    * On GM client, I opened combat tracker and "Map - Durst House"
    * On GM client, I reset the fog of war on the Solomon character token using the right click menu.
    * On GM client, I moved token around and saw LoS/FoW both updating.
    * On GM client, I shared the map by right clicking on it.
    * I started a second instance of FGU as a player client, and connected to localhost.
    * On player client, I selected Solomon character.
    * On player client, I double clicked on PC sheet token to open "Map - Durst House" image
    * On player client, I was able to see LoS/FoW for the token
    * On GM client, I was able to turn on Player Preview and see LoS/FoW for the token.

    Did I miss any steps to see what you were seeing?


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    Indeed, it seems to be working now.
    It's interesting, actually. When I move a token around, it now remembers what other rooms look like, but previously, it didn't do this. You can see evidence of this on the second floor of the map. The PCs all walked all around that level, but nobody remembers anything (that is, the greyed out FoW is not there). Now, though, when I move a token around, the FoW shows up, but only on the areas I moved around in today.
    Not sure what the difference could be, but I'm happy it is working as intended now!

    Do you think I had some option set incorrectly? I think it is set up the same as when we played, but there might be some difference I am unaware of.

    Thank you for your help!
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    For the campaign you forwarded, the lighting toggle was off, and you were using a global mask. I'm wondering if that's not part of the differences, since I see the lighting toggle is on in your latest picture.


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