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    DM can't see FoW in exported adventure module


    I have a development campaign where I create an adventure module for me and my group to play.
    This dev campaign is exported as a module and loaded into the normal campaign.

    Everyhting works fine, except that I as DM can't see any fog of war. The players can see their fog of war just fine. This only happens to maps from my module. If I open a map via Assets -> Images -> Create Image Record fog of war works fine for me.

    If I create a new dev campaign and module with just a test image everyhting works fine.
    So the culprit is probably my dev campaign (wasn't copied from TEST to LIVE or something).

    EDIT: The module is also in a fresh campaign wonky and won't show FoW for the DM.

    As the adventure module has data in it which I shouldn't share (Dungeon Magazines from 2007+) public, please tell me an email address where I can send it to (forgot it ).

    EDIT 2:
    When you (SW) got the module, steps to reproduce:
    1. Load the module in a fresh 3.5E campaign
    2. Open Images -> "Taxidermists Guildhall" for example
    3. Put a character with vision or light on the map
    4. Drag the token through the map and see no FoW
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    You can send to [email protected]


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    Sent an email this morning/night. As it was not rejected I hope it finds it's way to you.

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    Got it. Thanks for sending the module in. I was able to recreate the issue, and I'll pass along the module to @cpinder to review.

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    I can verify that this now works again after the latest 4.12 patch.
    Thank you very much for this great support! Really appreciate it.

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