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    [LFG] Seeking Long Term (A)D&D Game - Dedicated Role-Player!

    Hello all,

    I'm on the lookout for an AD&D 2E campaign! There's not much to say on my request beyond that, save that I do tend to be story heavy in preference and thus appreciate a role-playing party. If I were asked, I'd say my favorite traditional setting would be Forgotten Realms (followed by Planescape and Dark Sun), and that I do tend to prefer the various classes which unfortunately have rather more stringent attribute requirements. Getting my beloved class is down to the luck of the roll.

    So, do you need to add a player to your existing AD&D campaign Monday nights at 7pm EST to midnight or thereabouts? By all means, reach out!

    Failing the availability of an AD&D game, does my love of creativity and playing the niche characters suit whatever other game you may be running? Please, feel free to DM me via Discord at Legacy Ark Games#0725 (you'll probably need to friend me first) and we can talk. Whether AD&D or not, I can probably start this Monday! 5e is not off the table.

    Thanks very much for your consideration, and I look forward to hopefully finding a longtime, storied game to be a part of!

    Licenses and Books: FG Unity Ultimate w/ all AD&D and D&D 5e books, FG Classic Demo
    Availability: 7/8pm - 11pm/12am EST Saturdays (other days possibly available)
    Seeking: My preferences certainly lean toward long term games with a great deal of role-playing and storytelling. The ability to go 'off the rails' rather than being bound to a set path is a big plus, very open world stuff. I also appreciate the chance, especially when joining games already in progress, to fill an unoccupied niche and offer something new or otherwise unavailable to the party. It's something I just find to be fun and, in its way, rewarding.
    Payment: I do understand that games offered in response to this post are paid. I'd want more information than usual, but take no issue, being employed as a GM! Payments via PayPal, preferably.
    Contact: While PMs here on the site are okay, you're likely to get a quicker reply by friending and DMing me on Discord, Legacy Ark Games#0725

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