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    5E Homebrew Thu 7-10:30 est lfm

    FGU already established group looking to replace 2 members who already have been together for months.

    We currently have 4 players but looking for a 5-6 to replace members who had to quit due to personal reasons and changes in their work schedules.

    We currently are lvl 6 but will be 7 after this week's session.

    5E all books are allowed to be played. The stranger the race / class combo I'm all for it.

    This is a relativity high magic world and looking to go up to lvl 20 and rotate gms to start a new campaign after the conclusion of the this one. So actions taken will matter going forward.

    Backstorys will also be used into the story (part of the homebrew fun)

    Voice is over discord
    Gameplay is FGU
    With battles having maps but fantasy of the mind for most other things. I have a job so make it easy in me. Lol

    We currently have the following races classes

    Goblin barbarian
    Elf ranger/rogue
    Thieflng wizard
    Half elf bard
    The party could use a healer and possible an off tank or some type of combo of the two.

    We allow most class combos as long as we can make it make sense. As the DM I can work with you in your character vision as I want you play something you think you would enjoy.

    If you are interested send me a pm on your character ideal(s) or of you have any other questions. We will give you an introduction to the other characters, and they will make the end decision. Look forward to hearing from you adventure.

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    Hey, I'm looking for a D&D group after my last one ended. I'd probably play a cleric seeing as you have very little healing. My discord is Pupcorn#3218

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    Hi I would be interested in playing a paladin in the group if you still have space. Ive been looking for a long term game since my last one ended after a few years.

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    I would love to play if there is any space left. Happy to play whatever the party needs, I rather like combat clerics actually. Fairly new to 5e and FG. But I played a lot of 3.5 back in the day. I love how streamlined 5e has become. Another reason I wish to play is to get some experience with 5e and FGU because I wish to run my own homebrew campaign which I am in the process of creating. I have FGU ultimate but only the three main books. I have digital copies of the others.

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