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Thread: FGU crashing

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    Shot in the dark in case SW hasn't had the bad luck to run into this (I don't know MACs at all, but ran into cert errors on iOS devices and have been trying to figure out how/if a user can safely workaround it). It does impact MACs as well but I don't know if the dots connect to FGU or not - so purely a "in case this helps" post.

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    Another nugget - again not sure if it applies to FGU specifically but Apple devices not accepting certs from Let's Encrypt is a known issue (so just in case it's broader and FGU uses a similar type of cert thought I'd share this).

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    We don't use certificates from "Let's Encrypt", and the references you posted are for server side certificates not code signing certificates which is the Rosetta issue.


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    Just because you wanted us to report when it happens. I was going to start my traveller game tonight and it happened again. Pulled in a copy that I backed up last night and it works again.

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    I have no idea why the MacOS keeps killing it; and I'm no Mac expert. We're going to need some help identifying why the MacOS gatekeeper/security or emulation software keeps failing.


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