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    How to use Companion 4 Action Point system with FG Rolemaster system

    I wonder, if Dakadin, or someone else knows if Action Point system from RM2 Companion 4 could be added as an extension or option?

    Action Point system would need some basic calculation from system, but I don't have skills to code it. Anyone willing to help or do it? 

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    Hi Theros,

    It's something that I would like to do since I used it in the past and really enjoyed it. I actually reviewed it about a month ago. I just don't have time to do it at this point since I am still converting some of the older code.

    The next release will include improvements to NPCs. GMs will be able to set their stats and RRs and rolls them. There is only some basic automation for it but it should be enough for NPCs and seems to cover the detailed NPCs listed in the Shadow World and Middle Earth modules that I looked at. I've also implemented automatic handling of NPC immunity for bleeding and stun. Arms Law option 14: 'Must Parry' as stun can also be turned on if you want the NPCs with stun immunity to not get the MustParry effect. RR effects can be dragged from the Base Spell Attack Table (RR bonus/penalty) and RR table (RR target number to resist) to the combat tracker entries. These will apply to the next RR made and if the RRTarget effect is on applied then it will automatically show if it was successful or not.

    After that I am hoping to have the redesigned spell lists done. Then it is time to finish up the skill redesign.

    I will eventually get to it but if someone else wants to take it on then I don't mind answering questions.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Damn that I don't have time to learn how to code it in here. Hmmm...are there anyone who would like to make it and I help, anyway I can, in that job.

    Edit: That system should be extension or mod?
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    You would probably need one of each. The extension to adjust the ruleset so it has the extra fields and functionality that you need and the module to keep track of the actions and their action point costs. Check if approach that I responded to you in private messages works since you might be able to do it without automation. Here is the approach that might work for anyone else that might be interested in trying it:

    If you are okay with doing most of it manually then there might be a way to do it using the combat tracker and the effects.

    You would need to keep track of the RCAT so I would just have it written down in a note or story entry within FG. Drag that to the hot key bar so you can get back to it when you need it. You can even share it if you want the PCs to be able to see it but I always just called it out when playing in the past.

    The NAT should be entered into the Init field manually since it will automatically sort the entries and make it easier to see who is next. Just adjust it as the NAT changes. One issue you might have is the sorting will be in reverse but you will want to use the next actor button so the effects are applied but I am not sure how that will work when manually changing the next actor. The effects are something that you will want to keep an eye on and might need to manually adjust the duration where appropriate.

    I would add an effect with no duration to track to CTAP and TAP. Just enter it something like this "CTAP: 33; TAP 44" without the quotes. It will allow you to see it for each person in the combat and adjust it right there.

    Then I would just add the Action Cost Chart as an image into the campaign and share it with everyone. Add this to your hot key bar also and you can reference it easily when needed but get it out of the way when not.

    I might be referring to some of the terms or numbers incorrectly since I just did a really quick look at it but I think this should give you enough to test it out and see how it works.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    And those terms are confusing most of the people, since it is rather easy system to use and actions go for the next round.
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    Yeah, from what I remember once you do a round or two it becomes pretty easy to figure out.

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