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    LFP (2) - DnD 5e : Rotf, Fridays 7pm-10pm(EST)

    Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden, a DnD 5th edition campaign*

    *with some homebrew

    FG License: GM has Ultimate, players can use any version - including Free

    VTT Version: FGU (Fantasy Grounds Unity), please be sure you have the Unity client fully updated to 4.1 and not the classic client installed before joining this game.

    Number of Players Sought: 2 (game will have 6 players, 4 are already recruited)

    Time Zone: Eastern Time USA

    Day of week and time: Fridays (7pm - 10 pm)

    Planned Game Start and Frequency: Session 0 target (required attendance) 5/21 with Session 1 target 5/28, weekly recurring 3-hour sessions.

    Term: Long Term, should be about a 6-month endeavor if no missed sessions* (*Not to be taken as a guarantee just an educated guess)

    Communications: You will need a working microphone and speakers (or a headset with a microphone), as voice communication is required if you want to play. We will use Discord.
    Video: A working camera is optional, itís up to the individual player if they want to be on camera. Note: if you do go on camera, it would be asked you to do so on discord, so we donít need to launch multiple applications for chat and video.

    Will This Game Be Streamed? No.

    Will Audio Be Recorded? Not planning to. Itís good for session notes, but if I decided to do this it would first be discussed with all players.

    Roleplay/Combat Mix: (60/40): 60% Roleplay, 40% Combat and Exploration. **Educated guess only based on intent of story writing, based on how playerís play their characters**

    Character Starting Level: We will start at 1st level. (But first few levels come very fast, its well possible to be 4th level by end of session 2 or the start of session 3)

    DM Note: Not necessarily first come first recruited. So please apply if interested even if you see others replied before you to this thread. Personality, reliable attendance and a good attitude matter in my games! Its all about just having fun with as low drama as possible!

    Please note you may have seen my name posting a few months back for a Rime of the Frostmaiden game on these very forums -- if you applied then but weren't selected and would still be interested , please apply again. I learned to not re-ask players who applied previously if more than 3 months have gone by, as they likely committed their time to another game by then.


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    Hey there! Your game sounds very interesting. I'll copy my PLfG below to see if it meets what you are looking for.

    FGU License: Standard
    Timezone: Eastern (-4)
    Available: Everyday, anytime. Except Tuesdays
    Term: Short, Medium or Long Term
    Voice: Discord, or anything else.
    System: D&D 5th Edition.
    Experience: Played D&D when I was a teen (Basic, Expert, Advanced, Advanced 2nd ed). 2008-2010 Fantasy ground's as PLAYER and DM with D&D 4e. In the process of starting a campaign as DM D&D 5e
    Age: 51
    FG Experience: I was DM for 3 years in 2009-2010. I am remembering most of it and learning all the new stuff. Took classes on FGC: Intro to FGU, CC101, DM101, Combat 101.
    Class: Any
    Campaign: Any
    SPECIAL: I am a french Canadian. I understand (voice or text) English perfectly. I am rusty in speaking it myself, because I have no one to speak to in English. I supposed I have a big accent (not a french from France one), but my USA friends are saying that it is perfectly intelligible. I do not want to play with a group who is ALWAYS goofing around, watching TV while playing, eating chips with the mic on, talking about sex, politics or whatever. I do not want to play hack and slash (going into a room, killing the baddies, getting the loot, going to next room). I look towards: fun, no pressure, fun, no divas, fun, no drama if we cancel a play night because 1 player has to go to the doctor's or something and we all decide to skip or reschedule, and FUN.
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    Simon De Luca
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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    Interested! Here's the nitty-gritty on me:

    FG License: Ultimate
    Time Zone: US EDT
    Day(s) of the week, frequency, and time: Fri, Sat, or Sun 1800 or 1900 to 2200.
    Term: One-shots or long-term.
    Voice: Discord; Skype; Other.

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e, but open to 1e, 2e, CoC, others (?)
    Game System Experience: B/X; AD&D 1e & 2e; Shadowrun; D&D 5e; CoC (recent)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Familiar as a player (several sessions, different rulesets). I've done some effects coding, and I've been messing around w/GM features lately.

    Character Type Preferred: If open, warrior or wizard archetype, but enjoy them all. My first character ever (1981) was a Cleric. What's needed?

    About me: I was a long-time DM back in the 80s/90s, who then took a long break starting in the early 2000s, only to come back into the game in the last few months. Quickly started learning 5e (it's definitely easy to pick up compared to earlier editions). So far, I enjoy it and the people I've met. Generally, I prefer games with a good mix of roleplay, exploration, and combat. Roleplay, however, is absolutely essential (as is IRL group dynamics). I'm not a murder hobo, am not looking to stock up on magic items, and love a good dose of authenticity/verisimilitude in my collaborative storytelling

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    Thank you both for your interest, please check your private messages when you get the chance.

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    FG License: Demo
    Time Zone: Pacific
    Days of the week: Anything after 2:30 pm pacific
    Term: Long-term
    Game System Preferred: D&D 5e
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: One campaign
    Character type preferred: I can play anything.

    About me: I'm fairly new to d&d but I do really enjoy playing the games I have and I want to continue.

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    I'll throw my hat in the ting. I've been playing D&D for a long time now. I am well experienced in FG and D&D5e. I like to play casters but I am open to almost anything.

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    I am in - I bought FGU last week, and I don't know why... its impossible to find a game.

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    Hey there! Difficult, but not impossible. Check the forums here every day. Enroll into the Fantasy Grounds College ( ), they offer free classes. Join FG Discord. Join FGC Discord. Post in players looking for a game, visit very often GM - Looking for players. Build yourself a network of friends you can find on Discord. Persevere. Best of luck!
    Simon De Luca
    Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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    Good Afternoon everyone. Just wanted to update - sorry I have not posted one since others expressed interest. First thank you for considering my game. I hope to solidify the group for my game no later than Thursday 5/20. If you are still interested Thursday night (or Friday afternoon - depends how work goes, I'm on-call this week..its 24/7) please check back here I'll either post still looking for a character slot to fill or I'll post my recruitment is closed for now message. I just didn't want to leave anyone hanging. Thanks.

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    If you are still open to looking at players I am also interested, if not selected that is cool keep me in mind if any drops out. I work Mon-Thu 5pm to 5am and Fridays are the start of my weekend. I am on the west coast (PST) so the time frame for the game for me would be midafternoon.



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