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    BUG in 4.1 adding PC/NPC to combat tracker.

    Every PC/NPC added to the combat tracker is placed in a group with an unclickable blank NPC.

    My players just defeated an army, had a dogfight with aliens, machine-gunned the zombies, stormed the tower, became Legendary and died heroically

    Yours are still on combat round 6

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    I'm getting this too, doesn't matter if it an NPC, PC, or an Enounter added to the CT, each new combatant gets made into a group and one blank combatant added. Groups from Encounters added only gain 1 addition blank combatant.

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    I just fired up my campaign to drop lights on the players in the combat tracker and was getting errors. I removed them and re-added them, then I got this as well.

    On top of that, when I try to click on "lantern" in the effects window, I'm getting this error. I removed all extensions except for the Sci-fi companion.

    FG Lantern error.png

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    I'm getting swamped with errors when I try to use the light effects. By "swamped", I mean the error windows slides out with this message:
    Script execution error: [string “utility/scripts/effect_preset.lua”]:22: attempt to call field ‘getRoll’

    When I click the close button, the error windows stays there and adds another error line (the above message). It will do this for a few clicks before the error window collapses. Then immediately slides out again and repeats the error line for a few more clicks. Then the error window goes away. Sometimes it makes a third appearance for additional clicks.

    I attached a log file. FGU, SWADE, no extensions or themes.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    I realized I posted this to the wrong thread. Sorry!

    But I'm seeing this same issue with characters getting a ghost NPC. I'm going to tell my players it's a new feature of FGU 4.1. One free pet for every character that joins Combat Tracker.

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    The blank NPC also isn't getting deleted when the "parent" is gone, causing a lot of mess. I hope this is sorted soon
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    We are currently looking into this issue. Thank you for the report.
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    Just pushed SW update that should address the duplicate entry on NPC add issue.

    The light effects support will require support from @Ikael; because he has rewritten the entire effects handling in SW compared to all the other rulesets. It's not something I can fix at this point.


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    Thank you for the quick hot fix - the CT Issue is fixed, as far as I can see. No ghost entries when adding a pc/npc any longer.

    I also found a workaround for handling the lightning effects and added a few custom effects like mentioned in the wiki. The custom effects are (without the squared brackets):

    LIGHT: 1/2 candle
    LIGHT: 3/9 lamp
    LIGHT: 4/8 torch
    LIGHT: 6/12 lantern

    The first digit is the bright range and the second the dim range taken from the image light source presets.
    It definitely works if the grid is activated on a map and the distance multiplier is set to 1.

    It´s also possible to use the color codes for special light effects like LIGHT: 1/2 candle FFFF0000 (for a red light source). If no extra color code is used, also the preset special fx (flickering) is used for candle, torch etc.

    edit: This workaround cannot be used for Token Vision like Dark- or Nightvision. It´s just useful for Token Light. The custom effect word VISION seems not to be supported by SW at the moment.
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    The ghost entries are gone for me too, as of today's update. Thanks!

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