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    Double special vision allows to see through walls [DnD 5e]

    In a DnD5e campaign, if a player character has Darkvision and one of Blindsight, Truesight, or Devil's Sight active at the same time, they can see through walls as if their token had once been there (fog of war is taken off, but nothing currently there is visible), to the range of their Darkvision, regardless of the range of the other sight mode.
    Additionally, such a token gains "I've been there" rights within sight, without range limit (or at least couple hundred feet), as long as there're no walls on the way.

    Example here:

    Two players encountered this bug, both (and me) running on Windows 10, freshly updated version of FGU 4.1.0.
    The bug was present on multiple maps, for the player controlling the token and for me, the GM, when I was peeking at Player Vision Preview.
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    Exact examples (images/campaigns) are always the easiest to work with; since we don't have to try and recreate and come back if we aren't following the exact same steps (because we don't have them).

    I'll try to recreate locally.


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    Luckily, I was able to recreate. I've filed a ticket with @cpinder to take a look.


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    My players have a shield guardian with 10' blindsight and 60' darkvision, and it can see into walls, which makes secret doors not so secret. Luckily, I can just remove the shield guardian from party vision as a workaround.

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    I just tested in the latest version (v4.1.2); and that is not happening for me. Can you still recreate with the latest version? (This was an issue in the original v4.1.0 version.)

    The attached image has a token in CoreRPG campaign with "VISION: 2 darkvision" and "VISION: 1 blindsight" up against a wall on a white background. The vision of the token is not going through the wall in my tests.

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