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    [paid][lfp][5e] icewind dale rime of the frostmaiden

    Game: DnD 5ed Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden
    Pay to play: 15$ a week
    This is a pay to play game If you already are interested in paid games, skip this paragraph. If you still need convincing, give it a shot and let the results speak from themselves. Paid games provide an atmosphere of order at the table, shielding us from disrespectful players, poor mic quality, and no shows. They also ensure that everyone is invested so that we can experience our beloved character concepts for several sessions instead of playing several disappointing, disjointed oneshots and have to shelf them. We can form connections with players and npcs instead of feeling like we are starting from square one each time we pick up the characters we hope will become so near and dear to us. Also I will always be ready to provide additional help for new players!

    I come offering not another fairy tale where heroes are made just by simply standing up for a cause, nor a story where the good guys always win, or even a fable where the warm suns kiss is enjoyed by all. Because in Icewind Dale there literally isn't one. By joining you are picking a fight with the divine, for to travel to this wretched place of the Everlasting Rime is to trespass into a gods realm in the making. Should you endure the endless nights, ceaseless blizzards, and horrors that await you in the tundra. You will indeed have earned the title of hero. And while you're at it you just might uncover secrets frozen in time that no one ever had!

    I will be using this adventure as a base from which to build off of. I will be adding a few more adventures and changing some things to better fit the themes and tones for the campaign. To give you an impression I will be trying to stick to the book for most of the content, but altering it to suit my needs. In essence 80% source book 20% original content. I am not a meatgrinder GM nor am I a benevolent one, I am a neutral referee between the players and the setting.

    Allowed content: PHB, XGE, TCE.
    Starting Level: 1
    GM Experience: 10 years of roleplay gm'ing experience from Apocalypse World to Numenera to DnD5ed!
    Where? Fantasy Grounds!
    Mondays: a 4 hour play session between 11am to 11 pm EST (a time we will all agree on)
    Player slots [0/5-6]
    Wednesdays: a 4 hour play session between 11am to 11 pm EST (a time we will all agree on)
    Player slots [0/5-6]
    Saturdays: a 4 hour play session between from 5pm to 11pm EST (a time we will all agree on)
    Player slots [1/5-6]
    Communication: Discord
    What happens if a player misses a week? They do not pay for the week they missed, their character will fade to the background while the others move on. If there are 2 players missing the game will not be held that week and no one pays.
    Refunds: No refunds
    Prerequisites: Players must be 18 years or older, must have a stable internet connection to communicate clearly, must participate in an interview before game day, and must not have played Icewind Dale before.

    ---Themes and Homebrew---

    The region of Icewind Dale is isolated from the rest of the world by terrible blizzards and an immense avalanche which prevents passage through the Ten-Trail. Only a few brave souls have a chance of ending the Everlasting Rime. Your first character may be from outside of Icewind Dale but your second character must be from within.
    There isn't an indispensable amount of hardy adventurers within Icewind Dale. Quite the contrary. No one else is coming to save this region, there is only you, your companions, and whoever else is trapped here with you. You will have access to 2 characters and you will be playing one of them at a time. Unlike normal characters these ones are blessed, destined by fate, resistant to punishment, or just plain lucky. This will be reflected in the Intervention system. When your character would normally die you can instead cause one of these things to happen. You may only choose each of these options once. New characters will be the same level as the old ones
    Each time the Morning Lord is mentioned you may replace this god with another more fitting to your character if ok'd by me.

    --Homebrew: Intervention--
    -Graced by the Morning Lord: The Morning Lord imbues you with a mote of life. Instead of dying you return to life as if your rolled a natural 20, this can be used at anytime in place of your own death save.
    -Dire injury: Your character suffers an injury from which they cannot recover, when rolling hit die for short rest and level up roll twice and take the lower.
    -Saved by Morning Lord scorned by Auril: The Morning Lord pierces the blizzard saving both body and soul! A searing lance of light envelopes everyone with 30 feet of you causing your enemies to make a dc 20 con save or take 4d8 radiant damage taking half on success. Your body is transported elsewhere for one hour while it is mended by the godly powers. You gain the benefits of a long rest and are delivered back to Icewind Dale. Being robbed of a potential frozen corpse statue enrages Auril and thusly curses you causing you to lose any resistance to cold damage and become vulnerable to it. (you may only choose this option once between both characters.
    -Death. A Ten Towner rises to take their place. If a Ten Towner has already taken the place of one of your characters your journey through Icewind Dale ends here.
    When you choose any option except death you may choose to be returned at a safe area, even if it defies logic or reason. Dissolved by a gelatinous cube? Twas a minor flesh wound! Otherwise roll a 1d4 as if you stabilized.
    Should your second character perish your journey in Icewind Dale has come to an end. If appropriate you will be made immortal however, frozen in time as a set piece for other players to find when I run this game again and an everlasting testament to the cruelty of Auril. Your companions will have to trudge on through this bleak world without you. It is fully intended to for players to drop off one by one, isolation is a major theme of this game after all.
    The perils ahead in Icewind Dale test both body and mind. Frozen gore, human sacrifice, ancient arcane secrets, and worse await you. Saves against fear may give your character a detrimental flaw. R rated imagery will be present.
    Many secrets are buried beneath the ice, more perhaps lurks within the flesh. You will be presented with 2 secrets from the book to choose from. It is recommended to select one of these since typically they help tie your character into the adventure. If however you have your own secret in mind you may discuss your ideas with me.

    --Homebrew: Divine Battle--
    Make no mistake Auril sees you as nothing but despoilers and yearns make you perfect in ice. But you are not alone in this struggle for her rivals support your cause!
    Inspiration will be replaced by the Divine Battle mechanic. Each session you gain one of the Morning Lords blessings up to a maximum of three. Using a blessing draws the attention of the Morning Lord giving Auril the opportunity to gather her own.
    You can spend blessings to
    1-Gain inspiration,
    2-Regain a spell slot, gain temporary hp equal to your level+5 until diminished, conquer a fear or flaw, for your next damage roll roll twice and take the better.
    3-You get your Graced by the Morning Lord back, Critically hit or cause a creature to fail its next saving throw, gain an insight to a situation (learning a plot relevant clue to push the fiction forward, learning a weakness of an enemy, generally useful information.)
    Auril can spend her divine power to
    3- Cause a blizzard, lead a crazed chwinga to you
    6- Summon 1d4 ice mephits, cause whiteout conditions, maximize a fears duration or cause you to fail a save against that includes fear or cold damage. Cast bane at first level anywhere.
    12- Summon 1d2 cold light walkers, Take an extra turn, cause a creature to gain vulnerability to cold for 24 hours
    15- Gain esoteric knowledge, Rally 1d4 Frost druids, Cast a 3rd level cleric or druid spell anywhere.
    25+ Beware the Frostmaidens most potent magic.

    PVP is an option available to the players, weigh the decision carefully however. When one player kills another the slain cannot use an intervention. At the slains choice the slayer becomes cursed by the god invested in the fallen. That character can no longer benefit from godly interventions. Ultimately we are all here to have fun, use this as a last resort. If I feel one guy is simply trying to burn the whole game to the ground w/o good reason I will contact the other players individually for further discussion.

    ---How do I join?---
    To jump in simply shoot me a pm providing your Discord ID and number and I will get in touch with you!
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