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    Best Setting for Games

    Hi Everyone,

    I was wondering if I could ask some opinions? I'm looking to start up a short Savage Worlds campaign mostly to get used to using SWADE in FG, I'm hoping to attract enough players for a table (4-5) so my question is, what setting do you think is the most popular with or attractive to players? I hear Deadlands and ETU are the most popular sales wise but if you were to set up a table playing either one of these settings do you think it would attract the most players or is there anything you think would be more popular just now?

    Appreciate any opinions especially from those who have ran an SW table on FG, what was your experience like of getting players? And also anyone who plays or wants to play SW, what are the settings you find most attractive?

    Thanks for any reading, any responses would be useful to me

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    Lankhmar for me, although The After seems cool, and Sprawlrunners (which I play in once a week) is very good too.

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    There are lots of good and popular settings for Savage Worlds. ETU is one of my favorites (and would be awesome run by Vincent Price ).

    Deadlands is probably the most popular setting.

    However my advice would be to pick a setting/genre that you are comfortable and interested in running because that is more important than popularity. Run some one shots to meet people and get a feel for them and see if they're interested in something longer down the road.

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    You will find players
    Take the one you enjoy, I like Deadlands and my own Fantasy world got enough players for both. FGU specific it seems Deadlands, The Afte, ETU and Sprawlrunne are all pretty popular. All four are not standard fantasy so doesn't compete with the likes of DnD and Pathfinder.
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    The After I haven't played or read through yet so can't really do a pitch.
    Sprawlrunner, also not yet played or read by me but as far as I know Fantasy Cyberpunk

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChoTimberwolf View Post
    ETU Pitch: You like Buffy?
    What sort of question is that?
    Ofc I like Buffy.

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    Sprawlrunner is Cyberpunk fantasy or off brand Shadowrun. It is more of a framework with some extras added in. Currently no NPCs or bestiary or adventures included. And options on how/why magic is involved in world.

    Last Parsec seems like kitchen sink sci-fi, there are a couple of Rocketships and Rayguns as well. Flash gordon is only SWADE I believe.
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    Actually Flash Gordon is beta SWADE. It came out just before SWADE so it has some stuff that would become official SWADE rules but it's still Deluxe. There is a SWADE conversion document on Pinnacle's site specifically for Flash Gordon.

    I like all the settings but if you can't decide you can play Rifts and play all of them at the same time

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    Thank you very much everyone for your input, very helpful to me, Flash Gordon does look a lot of fun, sprawl runner and the after getting some love too, thanks I shall look at them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mgrancey View Post
    Sprawlrunner is Cyberpunk fantasy or off brand Shadowrun. It is more of a framework with some extras added in. Currently no NPCs or bestiary or adventures included. And options on how/why magic is involved in world.
    I was going to point this out too; Sprawlrunners is really more a cyberpunk toolkit than a setting. For something in the same genre with a setting, there's Interface Zero 3.0. Of course if you're willing to put in the effort and homebrew your own adventure, location and write up a good elevator pitch, Sprawlrunners could do the job.

    Deadlands is Pinnacle Entertainment's flagship product and it seems to check more boxes for more players than any other Savage Worlds setting. I haven't met a player in my city that played in a DL campaign that didn't have something positive to say about it. If you're looking for a setting that can bring players to a VTT, it's certainly well known and well reviewed. Savage Rifts was all the rage when it was announced and the kickstarter was wildly successful, so it could likely attract players too. If you're main concern is to choose a setting that can lure in players, I'd recommend searching drivethrurpg.com for the more popular SW settings to view their sales rank; ranked as copper, silver, gold or platinum sellers. While that won't give you the complete picture on popularity, it'll at least give you some sense of it.

    I'm personally not too knowledgeable about luring players to FG, because most of my online SW campaigns were homebrewed settings for which I brought over players from real-world tabletop play. I do know from tabletop campaigns where I used published settings and even posted ads in games stores, that Deadlands, Hellfrost and Lankhmar were the ones that solicited the most interest.

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    Poll your group. There are some fantastic settings, but you should know what the majority of your groups wants from a setting style perspective.

    e.g. Fantasy, low-magic fantasy (Lankhmar), spaghetti western (Deadlands), Apocalyptic (The After), Futuristic/Cyberpunk (Interface Zero 3), Sci-Fi (Last Parsec)

    All of those settings, plus many others are great. Even a homebrew needs to know what genre.

    The most important part is you and your players. You can take a sucky setting and make it great!

    Good luck!
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