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    Pathfinder 1e For LIFE

    There's nothing really important to say here, I just wanted to express my continued support and love for the 1st Edition of the Pathfinder system.

    It offers things not found in 5e or, frankly, in PF2e. With a shelf full of content and over a decade of development, I plan on running this system for a long while. Newer systems just aren't doing it for me.

    I hope this system will continue to get some love and benefits from the community. I know 5e is the game for the masses, but PF1e is still kicking! Please don't turn the lights off!

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    I have to agree with you STRONGLY... It is to my mind, the best of the evolutions of game; robust and with a seemingly never ending stream of options. I have enough published content to last for the remainder of my life and well into my grandson's...

    Stay healthy and keep on gaming!

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    Agree totally. PF1e is superb.

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    For those of us that play P1e; this is self evident.

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    -slow clap-

    If only there were more PF1 games on here.

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