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    Opening Main and Combat deck windows simultaneously

    Is there a way to open the Main & Combat decks simultaneously?

    If not I hope there is way to add this feature without much hassle.
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    The main/chase deck can be displayed from Options | Client | Desktop: Card Deck. It can also be accessed from the Tools button.
    The combat deck displays in Combat Tracker when you click the Show Cards button. You can interact with it there.
    Is that what you're after?

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    Just to be pedantic , the "Show Cards" option that Mike refers to will put a little card box icon on your screen at the bottom, and when you right click on it you'll find options to browse both the action and main decks. You can also reshuffle them from there. I believe if you left drag to an image / map from that deck box, it takes a card from the main deck and displays it as a token on the image. If you just left click on the card box, if publicly displays a card taken from the main deck (I think). I've never seen any documentation for this - but it's probably out there on a wiki somewhere. Documentation is Fantasy Grounds bugbear ;-). How to do things is out there - but scattered over possibly out-dated wikis, youtube videos, fantasy grounds college discord, etc. etc. You can find things, but google-fu is necessary.

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