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    Export an Image from a Module?

    Hey all,

    The short version:
    I'd like to edit one of the images that I've stored in a module. I've spent hours drawing LOS features and tuning everything so that the map plays very well but I've come to realize that the image itself is too dark.

    The long version:
    I updated to 4.1 (test) to see how lighting would work then forgot that I made the jump and put 12+ hours into drawing LOS features on the map. The only way I could figure out how to save all of my work was to put the image into a module, roll back FGU to 4.0 (live), and then use the module. Now I want to use an image editor to lighten the image and not lose any of my LOS work.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this or am I screwed until 4.1 goes live?

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    You can't export an image out of FG. But how did you create it? Was it an initial image from elsewhere that you imported then added LOS to? Or did you build the image from tiles and assets in FGU?

    If made in FGU, not a lot you can do, but their is an effect you can add that applies an overall color effect. That might be useable to lighten the image. Not sure.

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    I created it elsewhere and imported it into my 4.0 game before I updated to 4.1. I made backups of both my 4.0 and 4.1 FGU folders but that's not going to help me much since I drew it all in 4.1 before realizing my mistake. I was really hoping that 4.1 was going to drop soon so that I didn't have to be concerned about it.

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    Presently, I'm attempting to mess around with the effects to try to get a little more definition in the dark areas but I'd rather just re-import the brighter map areas and leave the background dark.

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    Your LoS will not work in an image which has been exported from 4.1 since the xml coding has changed and all you'll get are walls. Everything will convert to walls including windows terrain etc.

    So that's just not an option. Unfortunately you are going to have to go back to the last version you had in Live and work from there.
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    Unfortunate but understood. Thanks for the help!

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