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    I am finding session 'times' so confusing


    New to the forum, but have a couple of sessions scheduled.

    I am in a GMT+1 timezone (BST), but the sessions show as 4am (DM is in the US). Now I can't work out if the start time is the DM's time zone, or if calender automatically coverts the time to my time zone.

    I am feeling guilty in voting no, when it may just be me misunderstanding how times are calculated.

    So if I am scheduled to play in a session starting at 4am do I need to maunally work out my start time based upon the hosts location?

    Thanks in advance


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    For a start BST (British Summer Time) is the GMT+0 time zone. It's just the daylight savings adjustment of +1 hour.

    I believe that all of the times on the calendar session times are GMT. I don't know whether they are adjusted at all for daylight saving.
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    Simmo, I empathize with you. The GM has the luxury of deciding when sessions will be played, which is a great luxury to have. As long as you have the time zone settings in your on-site profile set correctly (set to your time zone), the calendar will automatically adjust the displayed scheduled game times so that they appear, to you, as local time. You don't have to do any calculations.
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