@Zygmunt Molotch
Ill try to explicitly restate this, and maybe we can put this to bed.

It is my experience (in 5e) that there ARE members of some recordsets (e.g. Story) in some modules (e.g. Princes of the Apocalypse) that one cannot copy manually. These experiences caused me to make a note of such in my Caveats section.

This extension uses ruleset functionality to perform the actual copying of each selected recordset element. The extension does not precheck each selected element to see if it is copyable. It also does not deny copying. And it does not specifically deny selectability. Any denial of any of that functionality is done by the ruleset.

I have no intention of trying to override any of those denials. Smiteworks may have placed them in the rulesets or in the builtin functionality for their own reasons, copyright being the most obvious.