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    Setting the Animal Attribute for Smarts

    I'm creating several animals & I can't figure out how to set the "A" on Smarts to signify Animal Intelligence. How is that accessed? There are lots of animals in the Savage Worlds material so obviously someone has a way to set this.

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    Right click on the Smarts die. On the radial buttons that appear, select A (it's at the7 o'clock position). That toggles animal smarts on and off.

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    No Animal Option.jpg
    Here's what I see:

    It looks like I'm missing at least 1 button.

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    I see, you're on the player character sheet. You can't set a PC's smarts to animal, even if the player's is.

    If you're creating general animals for encounters, you should use an NPC sheet. If you're creating animal companions that a player controls, and they are (or might become) wild cards (and will carry gear, and wear magic items, and track advances, etc.) then you're correct to use the PC sheet. But animal smarts can't be set on a PC sheet.

    I have a few players with animal companions. I tried both the NPC and PC sheets and found the PC sheet worked better, but there are pros and cons to both. Having a companion character sheet would be nice.

    You can create a request on idea informer. The one specifically for swade is at
    The general FGU idea informer is at

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    Those are specifically my reasons! NPC that I want to possibly use as an archetype but then use as a companion and/or character for one of my PC's.

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