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    Quote Originally Posted by osarusan View Post
    Could we maybe get a sticky for this post or a link in the rulesets thread, or something like that to make it easy to find, and for others to know there's now a usable Mythras ruleset? I end up having to search the forums every time I want to find it.
    Added to the sticky

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    I have update my latest Mythras.pak and Mythras.ext files.
    The changes add a modifier input to the skills tab, which can be used to modify a skill check with modifiers such as Encumbrance and Fatigue. Additionally, the skill scroll now has a checkbox to show whether it is affected by encumbrance or not if unchecked.
    A Tenacity Point tracker has been added to the character sheet under hit points, which is used by the Mythras Companion Booklet for features such as mental conflict. This has also been added to the character's combat tracker.
    The Fatigue Chart now has a tracker for how long it takes a character to recover from a given level of Fatigue based on their Healing Rate, which affects Fatigue Recovery.
    Additionally added to the Combat Tracker is a Action Point tracker, which can be used for current Action Points or Remaining Action Points based on GM preference.

    These are all minor changes, and mostly affect optional or minor rules. I think they add something to gameplay, and if you use these rules they help track these gameplay options.

    As ever, please let me know how you find using this mod, and if there are any changes that would improve it.

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    Great work! Thanks for continuing to work on it.

    I haven't had a chance to thoroughly playtest the mod yet, so I'm sorry I can't be of more help. But I am planning on launching a Mythras Classic Fantasy campaign in a couple of months, so hopefully by fall I will be able to give you a little more feedback on it.

    Just curious - is there any option to change the background image & character sheet images in order to make it more generic/less busy? FG's screen real estate can be precious, so keeping it fairly minimal makes everything easier to read.

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    Hi Osarusan,
    Thanks for the feedback.
    The background can be changed the FG theme dark or light in the extensions option when loading a campaign, it may, but I am not sure, that it could be changed if you have any other extension loaded.

    As for the character sheet background, I do not think there is a way to do this without accessing the mod.
    However, I have had a few people comment on how busy the sheet is, and if there was a simplified version. So, this is the next thing I will work on, and trim it down a bit.

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    Thanks! It's very appreciated. I'm getting more and more excited to begin my Mythras CF campaign!

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    Hey there guys.

    Attached here you will find another Mythras mod which is suited to Classic Fantasy.

    If there is anything that needs added or changed then let me know.

    This mod also contains an update to my main Mythras mod that I have not uploaded yet.
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    My latest updates to my Mythras mod has been uploaded as both the .pak and .ext.

    There have been a few changes. The biggest change is to the Character Sheet Notes which now has items added for areas such as Brotherhoods & Cults.
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    Awesome! I'm looking forward to trying these out!

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