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    Mythras Ruleset Mod

    Hi there guys,
    Below you will find my Mythras Ruleset Mod. I am an old guy who loved Runequest back in the 80s and wanted to play an updated version and found Mythras. When I began DMing Mythras I used the MoreCore ruleset, which did the job very nicely, but was none too pretty on the eye.

    I created the mod using the Ruleset Wizard, which thanks to Damned I was able to understand. I do not know how I discovered it, but I am happy I did.
    If any of you were thinking about getting the Wizard, then I highly recommend it. I have no experience in moding or programing of any description, all of the scripts and files are taken directly from Damned and the Wizard's tutorials.

    Now a word about the Mod.
    It uses the CoreRPG ruleset which comes with Fantasy Grounds. I have been using the Mod with my group now since February. They loved how it was easier to navigate and prettier than my MoreCore character sheet.

    The Mod is effectively a blank character sheet. With very little automation. Automation is something I am working on and adding a little at a time. However, I have added Weapons, Spells and Skills to the sidebar and their accompanying fields. These are blank and can be populated by the DM as required, and/or to tailor them to their campaign.
    The first thing that you may notice is that you cannot directly enter values into the skills field on the character sheet. This has been locked so that you have to press control and use the mouse wheel to scroll through the numbers while hovering over the field. I did this as it is a rollable field which requires double clicking, but my players would single click and this allowed them to change the values by mistake.

    I have uploaded a screenshot of my DMs table. The Mod, and Mythras in general is wonderfully flexible in this regard.

    I hope you enjoy it and I look forward, in fear and trepidation, to your feedback on what can be added or improved on.
    One last point, I have uploaded two versions, one Mod file, which is a standalone and one Extension file which can be used with CoreRPG or MoreCore.

    The Mythras.pak file provides my Ruleset for Mythras, the Mythras.ext is an extension for MoreCore and provides the same character sheet addition as the Mythras.pak. Lona's Mod 3.0 contains the reference books Mythras Imperative and Instructions which breaks down my Mod. The Mythras Workbook.mod provides a quick character creation summary.
    The Mythras Imperative is a cut down version of the full Mythras game. It is intended to provide GMs and players a grounding in the rules without having to purchase the entire rulebook.
    For those who do not know, Mythras is based on a d100 or percentage system and is an iteration of Runequest and Basic Roleplaying.
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    Wow ! Great job ! Thank you very much

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    Looks fantastic Lonarandir - well done!

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    Thanks for making this available. The EXT isn't showing up when I choose a Mythras campaign. Is anyone else having that happen or just me? Thanks again for your effort on getting Mythras to Fantasy Grounds.

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    The Mythras Ext is for use with MoreCore. The Mythras Mod is stand alone. It is basically the same, but allows for the better functionality of MoreCore.

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    Ah, got it. Thank you. I misunderstood the original post.

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    Looks absolutely amazing, great work.

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    Looks very nice. Gonna try it out. Had started on my own simple Core RPG mod but time has hindered me to make any real progress except for a very basic character sheet. But looks like you already have made all the groundwork.
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    I have updated my Mythras Ruleset Mod. Additionally I have provided two Mythras rules booklets.
    The Mythras Imperative is a cut down version of the Mythras core rules, and provides a starter introduction to Mythras.
    The Mythras Character Workbook is a quick character creation guide.
    Both have been produced with the permission of Lawrence Whitaker.

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