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    Hi Lonarandir

    you will need to have a look at the test channel - there are a bunch of changes to the CoreRPG character sheet that mess up yours.

    Welcome EdgarGrolles

    it appears Init only works if the character is also in the combat tracker already.

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    Thanks Damned.

    Indeed, putting the character in the combat tracker solves the problem.

    What does your remark to Lonarandir mean? Is there a problem in the ruleset noticed in my screenshot?

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    First, Thanks Edgar for your kind words.
    The initiative "bug" does require the character being in the Combat Tracker.

    @Damned, I had noticed some chatter in the RSW channel, but so far the only problem I had noticed was that the inventory weight carried was not working. In playing I had not seen anything else, or perhaps I had just not encountered the problem yet.

    I will have to keep a closer eye on things over my forthcoming sessions.


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    Thank you for your answer.

    Please keep me informed, as I plan to actively use this ruleset as soon as possible.

    A question, maybe stupid, but why are there two score slots on skills in the m-space ruleset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdgarGrolles View Post

    A question, maybe stupid, but why are there two score slots on skills in the m-space ruleset?
    The first entry is a modifier, the second entry is the skill score. If you add a modifier and then double click on it, it will roll 1d100 and add this modifier to the roll and compare the result to the skills score. This can be used as a difficulty modifier or encumbrance modifier. I also used it when making skill improvement rolls by entering the PCs INTELLIGENCE as the modifier.

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    Ah... thanks.

    That's what I thought, but I wanted to be sure.

    It's really good work.

    Thanks to you.

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    I have updated the Mythras.pak. This should fix any small bugs that may be in the older .pak.

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    Another couple of small bugs fixed.

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