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    Over Encumbered


    So in SWADE a character over his listed weight for his STR die (pg 67) up to 3 times this is encumbered, and FGU supports this with -2 PACE, -2 AGL rolls, and the running die result. However, over x3 up to x4 the values is supposed to result in a Pace of 1 (for up to Vigor in rounds before rolls need to be made). This has not been implemented. Would that be something difficult or possible to do?


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    Hi, the effect for over encumbered x3 or x4 should be [Pace =1]. You just have to to adjust the number of rounds due to the target´s vigor.

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    Haha, nice! Thanks for that! I was actually hoping for it to be hardcoded, like the current encumbrance is (having to comb through everyone's inventory seems a bit much ;-) )

    Thanks for the reply!

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