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    new player looking for a group

    hello all
    my brother-in-law sent me here. im a big old time dnd player but lost my group when i moved to florida im looking for a group to reteach me how to play on the internet i can get on every tuesday night from 7 pm eastern till 11ish

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    Recommended game.

    Hey ya mate!

    I'm about as far from your time zone as you can get, but even so I have been trying to patch into the campaign "Where Dark Things Roam" on a regular basis. It's a lot of fun and takes me back to the good ol' heydays of D&D, where the world smelt by pizza and cheap beer, men were figures made of cheap cardstock and women all wore chainmail bikinis (god knows why... I mean, how impractical can you get?) Anyway, its a lot of fun, so I'm recommending it strongly.
    See the Game Calendar for details. https://www.fantasygrounds.com/calen...dex.xcp?id=181

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