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    Effects list?

    Is there a dedicated Effects list for the 13th Age rules set? Is it possible, for example, to create effects that modify Physical Defense? I've tried creating effects using "PD," "Physical," even "Physical Defense." None of those have any effect (buh dump crash). For that matter, can effects modify Mental Defense? The powers that I've looked at (like Barbarian's Natural Will) that (by the rules) affect PD or MD don't have any effects associated with them in the power list on a character sheet, so I can't figure it out from looking at other effects.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    I will take a look under the hood and see what's supported. If the items you mentioned are not, I'll see what it would take to add them. Cheers!

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    Ok, the 13th age ruleset is built on top of the D&D 4E ruleset, and as such, uses a lot of 4E conventions internally. Specifically, it reskins Fortitude saves as PD and Will saves as MD. Thus, if you want to modify your PD via an effect you can use "FORT: n". Similarly if you want to modify your MD via effect you would use "WILL: n" (where is n is the number to modify by).

    I think it will be trivial to add PD: and MD: effects for these, so I will try to get those into a future release.

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