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    LFPlayers for a Western Marches style game. 2-3 optional sessions a week

    [5e][Fantasy Grounds][EST][Seeking Dm/Players]

    The Universe Has Gone Dark. You have been transported to the World of Fhey against your will via magical portals from your home plane. As you take a look around you notice that, while the mysterious city you were dropped off in has dim light, everything outside of it is pitch black. You look up expecting to see stars but see nothing but black unnerving darkness. Thankfully you can see others like yourself wandering about, slowly moving to the spectral of lights that is over the center of the city.

    Hello and welcome to the Desolations server! We are a group of around 15 players/Dms who have played a Western Marches campaign on this server before. We are now starting a new Western Marches campaign and opening the server to new players and DMs for an even bigger experience. We have Dms with a variety of play styles including rp/exploration to challenging combat and everything in between. We have an out of session rp chat that is very active, driving the story forward in fun ways. Our home town includes perks that players can work together to unlock to acquire cool benefits for all.

    Since we are a smaller server our games can feel a little more like traditional dnd games. Unlike larger servers with hundreds of players its possible to know and form relationships with most of the other players. And since we are starting fresh you wont be thrown into stories that have been developing for years. You get to start and help shape Desolation's story from the very beginning!

    We are a home brewed 5e campaign. New players are free to use any official dnd content for character creation. We are especially interested in new Dms! Dms are encouraged to run sessions that expand on our home world or create their own homebrew setting that is linked to our world. We use Fantasy Grounds and Discord for our sessions. Dms need FG ultimate.

    We consistently run 2-3 games a week with intentions of that number going up with new Dms. Sessions usually start at 6/7pm est and can run 3-4 hours. If you have an questions or are interested in joining our campaign feel free to message me or reply below to get started

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    Hey! My buddy and I would be interested in checking it out. Definitely have some questions on how a Western Marches works, but lots of interest!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BindleBeep View Post
    Hey! My buddy and I would be interested in checking it out. Definitely have some questions on how a Western Marches works, but lots of interest!
    Awesome! I'll send you a dm with my discord username so we can talk more

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    Are you still lookin for another player?

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    Also interested, depending on setting.

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    I am interested as a player. Also, since I am west coast, I guess I'd need a weekend game as 6/7 EDT could be tough for me and you did not specify which days of the week are open for gaming.

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    Are you still lookin for another player? Can i still join ?

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    Checking to see if there is still an opening, PM or reply and I would love to learn more about the setting and games as well. Never played a west marches game, but I would love to experience it.

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