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    FG Con 16 – over, and out!

    FG Con 16 is over...

    Thanks to everyone who was involved in FG Con 16 – the GMs who ran over 30 events, all the players, @viviolay for organizing Adventurers League games (including a multi-table epic!), and to all those who advertised the event around the Internet. Also a MASSIVE thank you to @damned, @Zacchaeus and @IanMWard for their hard work behind the scenes (especially @damned – thanks mate!)

    With a tinge of sadness I announce that this was the last FG Con this team of community members will organize. Just two years ago we were one of the few regular online conventions and were proud to be also the longest running. Now that online gaming is more mainstream and conventions are regularly occurring online, we feel the need for FG Con has lessened. The time we need to keep this going, update the website and booking system, advertise the con and events, and handle communication and issues is just too much for what we’re willing to devote to this; we’d much rather spend our “FG time” developing rulesets and products for FG users.

    It is, however, with great pleasure that I can tell you the name FG Con will live on! SmiteWorks are taking ownership of the FG Con name with our blessing and full support! SmiteWork’s exact plans for FG Con events will be outlined by them at a later date...

    I’m sure you’ll see the old hands attending FG Con events in the future – more from the gaming side than the organizational one though. We'll look forward to that...

    So, thanks to everyone who has been involved over the years – from the first 11 event FG Con, through the highs (where we nearly reached 100 events) to the lower attendance later years; with each convention bringing the FG community together for 72 hours of enjoyment, gaming on the best VTT out there!

    And a special thanks to Doswelk – who was the first person to enter an event for the original FG Con, and was also the first in the most recent FG Con 16! Love your work, love your games, love your community enthusiasm!
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    Indeed, a tinge of sadness.

    But we must give a huge shout out to Trenloe, damned and ianmward for the amount of time and effort they each put into this every year. I've only ever been peripherally involved but I know how much these guys put into the Con.

    And well done Smiteworks for taking it over. Jolly good all round.
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    Thank you to everyone for a very enjoyable event, and many thanks to the organisers. This was my first FG Con and I'm glad it won't be my last. I look forward to what SmiteWorks can come up with.

    Having organised modest events myself, I know that an ABSOLUTE TON of work, most of it unseen and unheeded, goes in to making anything happen. People only tend to speak up when things go wrong! So a hundred thanks from me and on behalf of all the gamers I played with in fun sessions this weekend, too!

    Cheers, Hywel

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    Thanks to FG Con organizers over the years. Suffice it say your work has been successful--encouraging and inviting in me and my circle, and many others besides. We appreciate it!

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    Thanks so much for putting together this event over the years - to you and all the organizers. It was my first FGCon and I had a blast!
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    I have run games in a couple of them. The con inspired my to do the standard WoTC Player Characters and make them available on DMs Guild for everyone. I have met some fun people running games. Thanks for organizing the Con 16 times!
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    Just wanted to say thanks to my players and organizers for this weekend's games. Had a blast running and playing things I wouldn't - a fantastic benefit of FantasyGrounds!
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    Thank you. All the work those of you who have run FG Cons over the years have been greatly appreciated. The effort, commitment and generosity of those of you who have organized this for us has been a great boon to the community and one that I have personally appreciated. Thank you.

    I hope this signals not an end to the con as we know it, but rather it moving into the realm of a professional con that has the financial support of a successful company. Here's to looking to the future!

    And once more, a heartful thank you for what you all have done in the past.

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