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    Duplicate effects confuse us


    Why does the chat-window list defensive effects for both the attacker as penalty and for the target as bonus? Here is an example using (standard) cover:

    [ATTACK (M)] +1 Returning Striking Starknife [MOD:DEX] [COVER -2] [Agile]
    [ATTACK (M)] +1 Returning Striking Starknife [MOD:DEX] [COVER -2] [Agile] [26] -> [at Trap] [DEF EFFECTS +2] [HIT]
    The chat message lists "COVER -2" penalty two times despite said penalty not being applied. Instead the "DEF EFFECT +2" bonus is applied to the target, which is the correct way to calculate it (+2 circumstance bonus to AC).

    The current implementation is confusing to my players and not does not reflect what is really happening.
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