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    Visual Artifacts with Token Light

    I have noticed some peculiar visual artifacts when using the test build with dynamic lighting. Attached are a couple of example pictures I snapped of them. I would describe them as oddly pixelated lines that seem to be ray-cast from a token that has a light source attached...? Both the level of the zoom on the map, and the size of the image window within FGU seems to affect the appearance of these artifacts, causing them to shift and become less distinct. Zooming in closer clarifies them, as more of these artifacts appear, creating a more consistent dotted line. I asked my players if they noticed anything similar, but I couldn't confirm if it was visible on their end. They only appear in the dim portion of the lit area around the token emitting the light.

    It is possible this is a problem unique to my graphics card or the particulars of my setup - has anyone else experienced these artifacts?
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    I've spotted these too. They're most prominent when you lower the alpha of the lights.

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    Thanks for reporting. We're aware of the issue. We have some adjustments to the light calculation code coming soon that should fix.


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