FG License: We can get whatever is needed.
Time Zone: USA, PST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: We can play on Monday and Fridays after 4pm PST, and anytime on Wednesdays. We could also play anytime Tuesday before 10pm PST.
We are looking for groups who want to reach level 20, or plan to finish an earlier game campaign and then find a new one to continue on characters to tier 4 play.

Game System Preferred: We know D&D 5E. We are open to anything you are willing to teach, however.
Game System Experience: 2 Years for one of us, the other is newer, but quickly learning.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: Same as Game System Experience.

Hi there! Just two guys looking to get in on some games. We would both prefer longer games, or even games willing to play twice a week. RP is fun, but combat or encounters that are Combat/Skill/RP all together with the party being the ones to decide how to proceed is what we prefer. If I had to give a ratio, Combat 70:30 RP. We are looking for a challenge and excitement. Big monsters, lots of curses and madness, as well as fun game settings. We are totally down to play modules, as well, we just recognize that they can easily be spiced up for the players experience!
We are both 21+, just getting in to D&D, and excited to stretch the possibilities of the game world.

If you have interest in DMing a game and need two players or have a game already and need to fill slots, we are interested. Please send me a message here or add me on Discord "BindleB#2525".
We are searching for a free game, but if you run a cheaper paid game, we could be interested.

Thank you for your time.