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    Tiefling bloodline issues


    I just bought the Ultimate licence for my gaming group. We're thrilled with the software in general, save for one problem. The party scout is a Tiefling and uses the bloodlines from Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. Which I did make sure to both buy the dlc and shared the volume. The check mark is green on my side and on hers the volume is loaded as well. When either of us go to the character creation wizard and try to make a Tiefling there are no Sub-Race options. With the other characters, Eladrin (DMG), 2 Dragonborn, and one Half-Elf it was seamless. So are we doing something wrong as we are new to the software or ..?

    Thank you.

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    Welcome Miastra

    Please post in the Character Creation Wizard thread and the dev who looks after that tool will see your post.

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    Will do thank you!

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    Which thread in particular is that? Little lost, sorry.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miastra View Post
    Which thread in particular is that? Little lost, sorry.

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