FG License: I have full licenses on FG Classic and Unity
Time Zone: USA, EST
Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: Would prefer weekly or bi-weekly sessions lasting 3-4 hours on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday
Term: Long-term to indefinite
Voice: Prefer voice such as Discord

Game System Preferred: D&D 5E.
Game System Experience: About a year as a player and as a DM of 5e.
Fantasy Grounds Experience: I started my D&D career on Fantasy Grounds, both as a player and a DM. I am very familiar with how it operates and both capable and willing to figure out less obvious features, such as coding specific effects for characters.

Character Type Preferred: So far I have played a Trickster Cleric but wouldn't shy away from any role that is needed within a party, both from a combat perspective and to balance out the RP aspects.
About me: I have fallen in love with D&D hard in the past year. It was something that interested me on and off but finally made the jump to playing and DMing recently. I tend to get along well with any group and will work to keep things moving forward within the scope of my character. I am not shy but will not railroad the other players either, and will try to keep everyone engaged on their terms as often as possible. As for the games I join, I would prefer a reasonable balance between roleplaying and combat. Also fine if we play a module that is somewhat more weighted towards combat. Just looking to experience more of the game to both enjoy myself and learn how to constantly improve the sessions I DM for my players. Willing to start fresh in a new campaign or join into an existing provided the levels aren't any higher than ~6.

Please send me a private message if you have any need of a player like me for your upcoming or on-going game!