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    FG Con 16 Screenshots

    SrBongo did a great job running an Alien RPG game of "Last Days of Hadley's Hope". Would be happy to play in any game he runs!

    Here are some screen shots I took while we played. Here's what the ruleset looks like;
    Screen Shot 04-16-21 at 05.47 PM.PNG

    And when we came across out first xenomorph;
    Screen Shot 04-16-21 at 06.02 PM.PNG

    This wasn't a little face hugger, nope, this was the real deal!
    Screen Shot 04-16-21 at 07.07 PM.PNG

    And then this guy jumped his way into the middle of us. He, and his acid blood, wreaked havoc among the human survivors of Hadley's.
    Screen Shot 04-16-21 at 08.17 PM.PNG

    Well, some of us survived, well, at least until we ran out of play time. Who knows if anyone would have lived to make it off-planet!
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    Screenshots from the Savage Worlds zombie adventure Days End.

    01 At the gas station.jpg

    02 Company shows up.jpg

    03 Ambushed.jpg

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    Dipping a toe into the vastness that is Barrowmaze. Almost had a total party kill in room one with some giant rats, but we had more luck thereafter!

    Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 18.11.04.jpg

    I should point out that this is the top-right hand tiny corner of a vast map, which in turn was just a quarter or so of the whole thing.

    We're going to have a few more sessions trying to explore this huge thing.
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    In Vaesen Dance of Dreams, it started badly when we could barely scrape together enough coin to hire a carriage to get to the start of the mystery. Then it went all zombie sleepwalker night of the living dead. Then a pit to hell. It's not going PARTICULARLY well for our heroes.

    Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 22.53.46.jpg

    Screenshot 2021-04-17 at 23.31.31.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by dstuffle View Post
    Screenshots from the Savage Worlds zombie adventure Days End.

    01 At the gas station.jpg

    02 Company shows up.jpg

    03 Ambushed.jpg
    Thanks for capturing these. Last thing on my mind was grabbing screen shots, so at least I'll have these.

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    Here is a image capture of the Twitch Stream we used for the Terror in Ten Towns Epic event! We had sound effects and live updates and announcements going over the stream.

    Behind the scenes of the epic, admin-ing the epic on my computer....

    Image of some of my FG after the last game I ran at con (DDAL 7-17 Cauldron of Sapphire )

    Overall, i think we had good time Thankful to the DMs and the FGCon staff for making this a success!

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