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    Generic Table creation question

    Ok, I'm building a table to generate magic items and each item has a variable level. So a magic sword might be 1d6 level... How do I generate the level of the sword automatically so I don't have to generate another table with 6 variations of the sword? Or is that the only way?

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    Only two ways I know of, either put all six swords (1 per level) in the first table, or have a table of swords. You might want to look at Jim Sock's "Content Generator" module here on the forums. I believe it's a great example of what can be done with tables.

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    It depends on what you want the end product to be. If you want to output an actual item then you'll need a table with all six sword items linked to it and call that from your main table. If you just want it to tell you a level then you can add [1d6] to the table line and it will generate a number for you.
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    OK, I figured... I'll make a table for each item per level (so 6 variations of the same item only each with a different level) and then connect that table to the larger table... It's more work but outputs what I want (an already "finished" item in the parcel that can be dragged-and-dropped then used right off the bat without modifying)... Much obliged...

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