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    NPC direct damage

    Anyone have any thoughts on how to apply direct damage from an NPC? I can't see to get the combat tracker to recognize a damage dealing action without a roll to hit (in this case, I'm creating an Illrigger, but this would apply to any NPC that has the option to deal X damage without any rolls or saves involved). I could accomplish it pretty easily on a PC, but not an NPC for some reason.

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    You can just drag a number onto the wounds field in the combat tracker from anywhere else to apply damage. Try typing /die # into the chat entry; and dragging that number to the wounds field.


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    You still target your enemy and roll damage, just skip the rolling to hit...

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    Sorted. The text in illlrigger says that it deals an extra 3d6 damage, but extra turns it into a self damage bonus, but just saying "deals 3d6 necrotic damage" turns it into a targeted direct damage as expected.

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