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    [PAID] [LFG] [Friday 12:00 UTC] Out of the Abyss

    Trapped in the Underdark. Can you escape?



    Seats Available: CURRENTLY CLOSED

    Game Frequency: Weekly on Friday
    Campaign Length: Level 1-15
    Session Length: 3.5-4 hours with a break around the 2 hour mark.
    Primary Language: English

    Camera Needed: No (but encouraged! Mine will be on)
    Audio: Yes (headset recommended)

    Player Experience Level: Experienced (Given the nature of the adventure it may be difficult for first time players)
    Fantasy Grounds Experience: Beginner or Experienced

    A character creation and campaign explanation session (session zero) will be included with the price of the first session.

    Character Creation Restrictions
    Starting Level: 1
    Races & Classes: Those applicable to the Forgotten Realms setting only


    This game will require payment to participate. Fantasy Grounds is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.


    Each session is $12 USD.
    All payments and scheduling is handled through
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