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Thread: Freezing issues

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    Freezing issues

    So I had some strange freezing issues with my game tonight and I thought i'd ask if anyone else is seeing them.

    I'm running the most current version of FGC (3.3.15, I think?). It's running on ubuntu xenial-v20200807 (on a GCP cloud instance).

    One of my players kept having his connection freeze to the point where everything would be unresponsive. Ordinarily that would be a mild irritation, but it also happened to me twice. In both cases, I was frozen, but everyone else was still chugging along and they could interact with the server normally. Oddly, it wasn't the OS interface. I could still open other applications and use the OS layer just fine. And FG was running. It's like it was just my connection to it that died. I don't know enough about how FG works to dig TOO deeply into that, but I'm guessing that it uses some sort of daemon to serve views to the people logged into it, so maybe that's where I should start? (the other player it happened to was running windows, so it seems not to be OS dependent).

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    FGC is a fairly straightforward P2P client-server application, where there is one connection from each player client to the GM client. It sounds like something is interfering with the connection, either through congestion, throttling, blocking, or some other network issue. It might possibly be related to firewalls on the machine, or router throttling/firewalls within the data center. Unfortunately, we don't support running any version of Fantasy Grounds in a remote environment, though several users have done so on their own.


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    Yeah. I mean, it's not impossible that google was having some datacenter issues, but I do think it's not super likely, considering the small amount of data I use compared to their usual data stream. But I'm running some tests tonight to see.

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