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    weird version issue

    I've been noticing this for a while (months at least) so I don't know when it started. When I open FGC, the launcher screen says it's running version 3.3.12:


    If I click the "Check for Updates" button and let the updater run, when it comes back to the launcher it now has the correct version:


    If I then close FGC and restart, it's back to 3.3.12.

    It doesn't seem to impact FGC at all, so not a big deal, but is there a reason this is happening that I can easily fix, short of uninstalling and reinstalling?

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    This usually indicates that your shortcut is pointing to a different installation than the one specified in the App Directory section of the FG Settings. This can happen if you change the app directory after installing, as FGC does not change the original installation shortcut nor remove the old app directory when you do that.


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