I made an FGU thing.

Distortion is a tier 1 adventure in Eberron that sets the stage for a time travel sandbox campaign.

Have you ever thought about using time travel in your campaign?

There’s so much to do, but so little time. The past has been severed from the present, and the threads of time are twisted tightly together. A stream of cataclysmic events looms on the horizon. Do your heroes have what it takes to do the impossible?

They say history repeats itself. The end times have already begun, and no one has even noticed yet. In six weeks the seals that hold the forces of Xoriat at bay will break, releasing countless aberrant horrors upon the land of Khorvaire once more. Even if the heroes repair the weakening seals, an extremist threat rises from the ashes of Cyre bent on destroying all flesh and blood creatures.

Enjoy this Tier 1 pulp adventure sandbox campaign featuring time travel.

  • 5-15 Hours of Tier 1 Eberron content in Fantasy Grounds Unity.
  • 6 great maps, including 4 with dynamic line of sight.
  • User friendly and consistent navigation.
  • Full 60 page PDF adaptation of the module, including internal links for easy navigation. Read through the entire adventure in comfort on your tablet or mobile device. You can even run the adventure without Fantasy Grounds.

Still reading?

This part is just for the Fantasy Grounds forum. I made a thing. It took a long time, longer than I expected. Back when I was working on it full time, it was really overwhelming how many boxes I needed to check. I quickly discovered that the workflow for making PDF adventures doesn't really apply to Fantasy Grounds development. I think if I were to make another module, things would go more smoothly.

That being said, I made a really niche thing, for a relatively niche group (people who use Fantasy Grounds Unity, and own a Fantasy Grounds version of the PHB, DMG, MM, and ERLW) While that may be a few hundred people, how many of them are interested in a Tier 1 Eberron adventure? How many of them are interested in this particular adventure?

It was really fun making something for FGU, and I'll continue to use FGU for my own GMing needs, because I really enjoy it.