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    Trouble with the grid

    I'm running ROTRL Pathfinder 1E and having trouble with the grid on one of the maps. I added water movement on the pool's in The Catacombs of Wrath and it possibly put the grid off. It could be possible that it was screwed up when I reset Locked tokens as well. I've watched the videos on how to reset it but it doesn't seem to resize correctly. The grid is always off. I also closed it out and looked at the DM Map/ Grid (Width, height, distance)of the Catacombs and tried to duplicate that with no luck? I don't see a way to reset it back to Normal. I tried resetting the grid with Tokens on and off the map. Could I delete the map, update and reload or is there a way to reset it back to normal? I'm working from home so I might not be able to respond right away. My next session isn't until Saturday. I Can also get on Discord when I have more time to have someone help me out with this?

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    So I finally got around to Discord and got an answer to my Question. First go to images tab and pull up the map. Then right click on Map and revert changes. This will undo any and all changes you made to the map. I did this and my grid was still off. I was then advised to try starting a new campaign which I did. I created a Test Campaign and opened up the map. To my surprise the grid is actually off in places. I just didn't notice it at first as it was not in the area my players were in. If anyone has Rise of The Runelords PF1E if you could check in Chapter 1 and check the Map/Encounter Catacombs of Wrath and verify this I would greatly appreciate it. It's not way off but some corridors the players are in the hall and in the wall.

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