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    Anyone have a suggestion on how to get around this? I have a couple of ideas, but really hoping there is something simple.

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    What exactly do you think is a bug?


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    The code in the first post works in Classic but does not work in Unity.
    Specifically the lines:

    self.parameters[1].labelsres[1] = sLabels;
    self.parameters[1].values[1] = sValues;

    work fine in Classic but do not work in Unity.

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    I was able to recreate the scenario; but I don't know why it's behaving differently off the top of my head nor whether it's something I can change in FGU without breaking other assumptions.

    For now, you'll have to write your own cycler template.


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    Well as long as you know about it, hopefully it can get fixed I have a way around it I think.

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