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    Few questions about the spike :)

    Hey, all thanks for taking the time to read,
    In my campaign, I am running the organization the party is employed by is going to try to take control of a level in the spike and make it like their home, so my plan for this is to kind of do a little dungeon delve kind of session for this part of the story. My questions are apart from gangs and probably slimes and oozes is there anything else that you feel would make sense being down there? and also how big would a lvl in the spike be? In my head, I am imagining around the same size as a city as looking at the images it is definitely not as compared to say the ring or the eye it just has a lot of lvls.

    Any other advice is more than welcome


    (And if you are thinking there is an ulterior motive to their mission you would be correct lol they are definitely planning to go after that)

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    So for the size of a level: Absalom as a whole is about 5 miles (8 km) in diameter. Like you said, the spike is only a portion of that. So I wouldn't say it's the size of a city. More like a district of one and considdering how Absalom has about 2 mil inhabitants, that checks out I'd say.
    For NPCs, I really like the idea of gangs and some oozes. I'd throw in a bunch of potentially helpful, potentially dangerous individuals of all sorts. I ran a section with my players in a really run down place that is run by badly/falty Augemented people and other poor souls that where experimented on in all sorts of ways. Think everyone is basically Frankensteins moster. This should give you a lot of possibilities for NPCs, antagonists and even just brainless enemies running down the streets.
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    Ooo perfect I don't know why I thought it was bigger but a district of a city sounds like it would check out for a lvl of the spike. Shall look into that and find something that I think will work best. A part of me is definitely feeling Necromunda kinda vibes for the spike.
    I absolutely love that idea, i have yet to fiddle around with augmentations for NPCs so they will definitely be like Frankenstein's monster haha, I will look in the alien archive book and see if anything else fits in terms of potentially helpful or dangerous individuals.

    Thank you heaps for the help!

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    The beginner boxed set had goblins, a cyber dragon, and forgotten labs and stores. There would be traps in the form of malfunctioning equipment. Escaped live cargo from smugglers starships.
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    Oh sweet Thank you! I did not know that still a bit new to DM'ing starfinder. I will give the beginner box set a look!

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    Quick warning about the beginner box.. the rules are overly simplified and not the same.

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    Roger! i will probably just have a look at the info for the area

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    Bringing this back as i have been working on this and i recently saw someone mention using shopping malls as a rough dungeon layout and thought that was pretty neat, so looking at that concept here do you all think a Stadium would be a good rough layout for a level of the spike?

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