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    LFG: Pathfinder 2E or DnD 5e

    Hi All

    I have not played anything in a long time and am looking to get back into the hobby. Happy to play any setting, but am only familiar with DnD these days. Not sure what else to say, other than I am old enough to have seen Conan the Barbarian at the cinema.

    I am in Australia, so time in GMT+10, I think that is 14 hours ahead of US EST, so most likely the weekends only (unless your in Australia).

    Happy to answer any questions



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    Hey are you still looking for a group? Im a recruiter for a Discord/FG server that runs a Western Marches style game. If youre interested in that play style we usually have a couple games posted each week at around 6pm est (so they would be in the morning for you). If that works for you let me know if you have any questions or are interested!

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    Sounds great, works for me - I had to check what Western Marches were but it sounds perfect.

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