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    LFP 1-Pathfinder 2e-Agents of Edgewatch-Tuesday weekly 7pm-10:30pm EST (Canada)

    FGU and discord for voice (and in between session text chat)
    Party is level 2 currently with 3 regular players, and 1 other player is on a short term leave of absence. We could use another player and be up to 5 (its good to play with at least 4 for party size).
    Looking for a player who has some experience already, so you can jump in right away and play.
    It is the Agents of Edgewatch AP. It's about 50%/50% for combat to RP ratio. Combat is Deadly! Death to a PC is a real possibility when you play PF2. If you are someone who does not like this on the table or combat that much this is Not for you.
    I run it weekly on Tuesdays from 7pm to 10:30pm ish (up to 11 the latest) pm Eastern Time. We are a local group in Ottawa Canada.
    We are a fun group and laid back. 4 of us have been playing together for about 4 years now from 5e to PF2.

    Party right now is: monk, fighter, and swashbuckler. The absent player is a cloister cleric. The following is allowed:

    Free archetype
    The APG
    The new ancestry guide
    and we do relics if interested.

    Next session is this upcoming Tuesday April 13th.

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    Hey are you still looking for Players? I would very much be interested. Long time PF player and GM. Currently GMing Extinction Curse myself. Been looking to be a player for a while now. I am pretty versatile and can play what ever to round out a party. Feel free to PM me here or in Discord my Discord is RyanH#2650

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    If you are still looking a player PM me. I have run and played PF2e but my group wanted to play something easier like 5e but I would like to get back into it. I have extensive experience with FGs Unity and Classic.

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    the spot has been filled. thank you for the interest.

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