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    LFG: DND5E, Mon, Wed, Thur or Fri 7pm-10pm EST Once or Twice a Week

    Unfortunately, with 4 kids in the house there is not time for binge playing. Looking for a family friendly game for 2-3 hours a night maybe twice a week. I prefer a good balance of role play as opposed no hack-n-slash. I have to preference as far as class goes and will happily come up with something to fill a party need.
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    Did you find anything yet? PM me if you are still interested. I lost a couple of players from our group but it’s a family group so we are hesitant about adding someone we don’t know personally.

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    Still looking. When do you play? Any specific setting? Current level/party make up? I have been playing on and off for 30+ years.

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    Hey are you still looking for a group? Im a recruiter for a Discord/FG server that runs a Western Marches style game. I think you might be interested because the flexibility of Western Marches works for someone busy like yourself. Let me know if you have any questions or are interested!

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