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    Done its undergoing analysis by steam probably trying to make sense of my non existant spelling :P

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    With the risk of sounding like a snob; something to realize about Steam is that it's often attracts the lowest common denominator among the gamer community. In terms of Online video game retailers, Steam is the 1 ton gorilla driving the juggernaut. All that retail success unfortunately brings in some gamers that you'd rather not know existed. I've been video gaming almost as long as I've been playing P'n'Ps and over the past decade I've noticed a lot of posts and reviews on Steam that demonstrate a serious lack of basic logic and terrible netiquette. There are kids younger than Steam's permittable age posting and even writing reviews. I've been a parent of kids for which Steam was a big part of their social network though. Having observed my kids not make fools and idiots of themselves on Steam, tends to make me cut other kids a bit of slack too. Seeing posts (few reviews too) written with such poor skill though, when it's evident from the content that they're not a kid and English isn't a foreign language, is a real eye opener!

    This wasn't the way it was in the early days of Steam, but it's very much what it's become. I've come to the conclusion that some Steamers just make stuff to be overly-subjective, or down right negative. I take Steam reviews and posts with a pound of salt. First and foremost, I don't trust any negative reviews on Steam and if I'm going to be bothered with reading one, I always try to read between the lines. There are some genuinely constructive/helpful criticisms still being made in some negative reviews, but IME they're more the exception than norm. I doubt I'm alone in the Steam community with my skepticism.

    So my advice to MBM is not to fret too much about a negative review or 2, because many Steamers just ignore them. I was planning on writing a review on Steam once I launched my campaign and could be more honest due to player feedback, but I might just write that review sooner than I planned.
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    Update, I was unable to write a review for FGU because I did not buy it on steam. That is unfortunate because I am a new user (Since Nov 2020) anyone who takes the time to watch the ton of videos out there or actually participate on the forums will know that this is one of the best communities for VTT. As a matter of fact, the primary reason I bought this over all the others was the amount of activity on this forum and on discord. In addition to this Fantasy Grounds College which isn't even affiliated with smiteworks, purely a fan based site offers a awesome way to learn FGU for free. Does FGU have some shortcomings, yes but it is working on these fast and I have no complaints about the support what so ever.
    I have to disagree with one of the posts here. I DO read the reviews on steam and they have saved me quite a bit of grief in buying half baked products or unsupported games in the past. I actually read the negative reviews first to see if they are actually relavent to my needs of the program in question. I also look for consistency with the same problem. I do agree with the post in that you have to judge those posts carefully.


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    If there was some way to link our purchases from here to steam so I could show I owned it over there, I would totally review every product I own in SmiteWorks to give positive and constructive feedback for Steam users. They don't let you create a review if you don't own the product or have played it, and I buy from SmiteWorks store so they don't have to pay Steam any of the revenue because I am able to launch the main program from steam (still show in the overlay I am playing the game) but buy from the SmiteWorks website. Honestly to me that is a major plus, I like to show I am playing something on steam to my friends, and I don't care where I buy it as long as it has some steam integrations.

    When it comes to games and me buying them from Steam, you want a good review because some people still read through them. Lots of negative reviews could be some people spamming their distaste for a streamer or something other than the game itself, but reading through the comments you can tell ones that are well thought out and have good positive (or negative) things to say.

    Having a completely negative review will sometimes make me skip a game especially when I don't know a lot about it. But when it comes to Fantasy Grounds (and other VTTS's I have researched) I picked based on a lot of other factors than Steam, but some people will pick based solely on steam reviews and that equates to sales for SmiteWorks which is good for us all! ;-)
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    I just Reviewed it. I'm surprised there hasn't been more reviews - it's a good ruleset.

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