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    Fantasy Grounds Module for Melan's The Nocturnal Table now available

    For any of you familiar with Melan's The Nocturnal Table of urban encounter content and generation, or curious about it, Melan has made available my fan conversion of the material into a useable FG OSRIC module for use with the 2E AD&D ruleset. The Nocturnal Table module should both speed up the generation of urban content as well as running city adventures, generally, in that it will support the DM making a city adventure come alive with material at their fingertips that reflects the variety of experiences one would have in a city, not directly related to whatever matter the DM has otherwise written.

    Here is his blog post announcement with more details

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    Great to see additional tools being built up around the great work that Sterno and Celestian have done!

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    It seems awesome, thank you very much!
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