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    Dungeon Builder 5E

    This module for Fantasy Grounds UNITY has over 200 random encounters, 34 dungeon tiles with LOS, 160+ individual tables, 40+ player aids, monsters divided into 9 biomes or planes, and two encounter ideas for a bit of fun (you may have to be a bit old to get the joke).

    How it works - Load the module, open the reference manual, and then simply follow this 4 step process:

    Roll the master table. This gives you all the information about the dungeon including player aids to choose from. Your entrance map tiles are located in your assets and are ready to go with LOS (only tiles in assets have LOS!).

    Create a new image and drag and drop tiles from assets onto your new map. The LOS will click the images in place! Some maps have minimal objects so you can add your own and others are more flushed out.

    Click the rooms/halllways table and generate your first room.

    Repeat step three and continue to drag and drop dungeon tiles to complete your dungeon.

    Any monster encounters, traps, puzzles, treasures, locks, etc will populate and provide links. To take advantage of the automation please have the original Monster Manual (monster links) and Dungeon Master's Guide (treasure tables) loaded.

    Player aids are from The Forge Studios whose permission was obtained for use in this module (Through their Runemaster Tier and through direct communication). You can find them on Patreon.

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    Thanks! The hard part was getting art work to use and not break the bank. I'd like to add pen and ink drawings of doors if I can find somebody. I plan on adding more puzzles and more tiles in the future to the mod.

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    Added a video. Very first ever so hopefully it does not suck too bad!

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